Living The MinLife!

Living the MiniLife brought to you by popular subscription box service which is now a cult lifestyle brand catering to the growing community of miniacs who love to express their passion for all things tiny! Currently, miniacs have a very limited number of ways to express their passion for miniatures like buying following Instagram accounts, buying tiny objects, making miniatures or attending shows and events. Now Squintbox works with miniaturists from around the world to create a range of unique, creative and fun (full sized!) products and services to help miniacs incorporate miniatures into their life in a more functional way. SquintBox now offers exclusive wearable graphic Ts and apparel, home decor items and delightful product premiums. While SquintBox will continue to offer a subscription box service (moves to a premium, quarterly schedule!), now Miniacs have a whole new way of expressing their passion for miniatures! So Get Read Set GO to SquintBox and live your own MiniLife!