About Us

Since the dawn of time, miniatures have delighted and excited the senses. Even the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were mesmerized by them. So much so, they took miniatures into the pyramids so they could travel with them throughout eternity!

Today, a whole new generation of hobbyists, collectors and enthusiasts are discovering miniatures, exploring the hobby and looking for ways to incorporate miniatures into their lives.

Welcome to SquintBox™  - a quarterly service delivering a hand-picked assortment of seasonally themed quality hand-crafted miniatures to your door in popular categories like food, flowers, books and accessories.  We work with miniaturists from all over the world to bring you a mix of minis sure to delight, excite and inspire.

We are also excited to help you live your BEST MINILIFE by bringing you an assortment of wearables, like T-shirts and hats as well as home decor (pillows) and other lifestyle objects (in full size!) like mugs and canvas bags which help you express your love and devotion to all things tiny! 

So get your #MiniFix with a devastatingly delightful assortment of miniatures and associated miniatures lifestyle products.